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1st THREE MONTH TERM1- Basic Geometric constructions
2- Polygons
3- Symmetry

Presentation withon the basic and main supplies to be used during the year as well as instructions on how works.


In the following lines you can see two likns: one is for notes (theory and concepts) and the other for worksheets. In those you can find all the unites for the full three month term. 

All the notes for the first term, to print or photocopy in one time.

All the worksheets for the first three month term, remember to print them on drawing paper.

Following you can see all the previous notes and worksheets separated in units. You can also find, in each unit, different links to galleries, videos, etc related to each subject.


Notes with definitions and constructions.

Worksheets to practice.

Triangles and Parallels

Circles pattern


Notes with names, concepts, definitions, constructions and classifications.

Worksheets 4 worksheets to practice polygons constructions.


Symmetry notes with definitions, geometric procedures and other concepts.

Worksheets to practice.

Symmetries cut out

GRADES: 1ºESO D y 1ºESO V: In this document you can see the first evaluation grades. The boxes destinated for names have been deleted to preserve the students privacy. The list alphabetical order has been changed according to the code number assigned to each student (random number) assigned to let the students or parents find themselves.

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