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2nd THREE MONTH TERM4-Basic visual elements
5-Shapes in imágenes

Under this information box you can find two links: one for the notes and the other for worksheets. These two links are the total content of all the second term.  


All the notes for this second term in one single document to print in only one time. Watch out!! the unit of color contains, obviously, colors. 

All the worksheets for the second three month term, acordaros de imprimirlas en papel básik.


 Under this information box you can see all the units we will see during this term. Each unit has a .pdf document for the notes, one for the glossary and another for the worksheets. So basically you can see the same contents than in the links above but spread in the three different units. You can also find galleries, presentations or links related to each unit. 



Notes with the definitions and illustrations. Or if you prefer a glossary only with the definitions. 

El punto, La linea y La textura de Lucía Álvarez.

Worksheets to practice.

Textures Translation examples

Collage Frotagge


Notes with definnitions about shapes. One page for a Glossary only with text

Worksheets to practice.

Silhoette/background/infill Gallery of works


Notes: illustrations,concepts, readings and a song about color. Color glossary and quick guide (2 pages) 

Worksheets to practice.

 Cromatic hexagon

Colors in Motion: website about color subjective expressiveness.


GRADES: 1st ESO BL and 1st ESO V (1st y 2nd EVALUATION): In these documents you can see the grades for the first and second evaluations, one evaluation per page. The cells that contain the names have been deleted to preserve the students privacy. The Alphabetic order of the names has been rearranged randomly according to a code number that only each student knows. If you don’t know your number, ask Ximo and then you’ll be able to check out all your grades in each evaluation.

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