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3rd THREE MONTH TERM7-Space, Light and Volume
8-Human Figure & comic
9-Visual Language

En el siguiente apartado Tienes dos vínculos: uno para apuntes y otro para láminas. En dichos vínculos se encuentran todas las unidades que se abordan en el trimestre.

All the notes for the 3rd term: These consist on all the notes and all the glossaries that you’ll find spread bellow.

All the worksheetsfor the third term, remember to print them on drawing paper.

 Bellow you can see a list of all the units or lessons separated. Each unit and lesson contains links for notes, worksheets and glossaries as well as other links to galleries, playlits or other stuff might be added.


Notes with some texts, links, images and concepts. And a glossary

Worksheets:6 worksheets with the five platonic solids and a worksheets for shading. 


Notes with some texts, links, images and concepts. And a glossary

Worksheets two worksheets to practice. 

Character sheet artwork gallery

Custom Vitruvian man artwork gallery

Egyptian canon artwork gallery


Visual language notes with some  texts, concepts, images, links, etc.  And a Glossary about the subject.

Worksheets:A worksheets about traffic sign code images.

GRADES 1st ESO __ (1st, 2nd and 3rd EVALUATIONS): In this document you can see the grades for the students of all the schoolar year. The names have been removed from their boxes in order to preserve the students privacey. So If you want to know your, or your kid’s, grades, you need to ask the teacher for the personal code number. This number is absolutelly random and doesn’t follow an alphabetical order for names or last names. This document will be updated during the evaluation till the end of the schoolar year. 

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